Monday, October 19, 2009

Requirements for Israel Caregiver Jobs

The Israeli government now imposes a new system of employment for all foreign workers who want to work in Israel caregiver jobs. Under this new system, every Israel caregiver jobs applicant and his employer must register with a Licensed Recruitment Agency duly authorized by the Israeli Government. To register, the caregiver jobs applicant and his employer must personally visit one of the licensed recruitment agencies in Israel and fill out a registration application. After filling out the registration application, they should return the filled up application form back to the agency for proper filing.

After filing, the authorized recruitment agency must give each the caregiver jobs applicant and his employer a Certificate of Placement which states that they have registered with the agency. The Certificate of Placement must show clearly the following details:
  1. The name and address including the contact number of the agency.
  2. The name and passport number of the caregiver Israel applicant.
  3. The address and ID Number of the employer.
  4. The date of registration.
It is also important that the caregiver jobs applicant save the Certificate of Placement received from the Agency because it will provide evidence that the caregiver jobs applicant have been legally registered according to the new system of employment in Israel. With regards to the extension of working visa of the caregiver jobs applicant, it can only be extended after the caregiver jobs applicant and his employer have registered with an authorized recruitment agency.

Before a caregiver jobs applicant can start employment, the recruitment agency wherein the caregiver jobs applicant and the employer have registered, must notify the Migration Authority under the Ministry of the Interior, about the details of the registration. This process is to ensure that the details in their registration is verified. If there is no problem, the Migration Authority will notify the agency within 7 days if the caregiver jobs applicant is authorized to work in Israel for the employer. If the Employment is turned down by the Authority, the Agency will explain to the Caregiver jobs applicant the reason for the rejection, furnish the Caregiver with a copy of the rejection notice, and inform him of the need to stop the employment and/or leave the country.

If the caregiver jobs applicant decides to change employers, he or she must inform the Agency where he registered, which in turn will notify the Migration Authority of the change and issue a new Certificate of Placement. If the Caregiver is laid off or becomes unemployed he must notify the Agency, which must assist him in looking for a new employment.

For a list of the licensed recruitment agencies in Israel, you may log on to their website at

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