Saturday, October 3, 2009

Live In Caregiver Program

Live in caregiver Jobs are for persons who are qualified to provide caregiver jobs services to children, elderly, and people with disabilities, in the comfort of the patients home. And because of the recent shortage of locally available live in caregiver work providers, the Canadian government formulated the live in caregiver program to lessen the impact on its citizens by the constant decrease in number of locally available caregiver jobs providers.

The Live in caregiver program are for foreign individuals who are eligible to provide caregiver work to Canadian families who needed their services. And to qualify for the live in caregiver program there are certain rules that must be followed governing the foreign live in caregiver jobs applicant and the caregiver employers. On the part of the caregiver employers, their chosen live in caregiver must:
  1. Have a private, furnished room within the caregiver employers home
  2. Work for the caregiver employer in a private home
  3. Be employed on a full-time basis
  4. Live with the employer
Under the live in caregiver program, once a foreign live in caregiver is in Canada, the foreign caregiver cannot work for more than one employer at a time. The foreign caregiver also cannot work for a health agency or labor contractor, or in a day care or foster care. A foreign caregiver, under the live in caregiver work program, must also possess the following in order to qualify for the live in caregiver work program:
  • At least six months of caregiver jobs training, or at least one year of full-time experience (including six months with one employer) during the past three years
  • Successful completion of the equivalent of Canadian secondary school.
  • A job confirmation letter from a Canadian employer.
  • A written contract with your future employer.
  • A work permit before you enter Canada
  • Good knowledge of English or French
With regards to the continued the stay in Canada of a foreign live-in caregiver after finishing their contract, they must apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for an extension of their work permits. They can also apply for a permanent resident visa if they have worked in Canada for 24 months within a 36 month period.

For more detailed info regarding Canada’s Live-in Caregiver Program, you can visit their website at

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