Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nanny Jobs Abroad

This agency for nanny jobs abroad is looking for qualified applicants for various UAE nanny jobs. It is the first Middle East based nanny jobs recruitment agency that offers online services from their offices in Abu Dhabi. This agency for nanny jobs abroad began their operation in 2003 when the need for a professional nanny jobs placement agency is recognized because of the increasing demand for nanny jobs services in the UAE. Since then, the said agency for nanny jobs abroad began to specialize in the placement of qualified and competent nanny jobs professionals who can provide services that is comparable to the services being offered in London by nanny jobs professionals.

At present, the said agency for nanny jobs abroad has the support of their partner agencies in London, Paris, and South Africa in fulfilling Abu Dhabi’s increasing demand for nanny jobs services. So the agency is inviting all nanny jobs professionals seeking employment in nanny jobs abroad to visit the agency’s website at to register and submit the following requirements:
  1. Full CV
  2. 2 written childcare references
  3. Childcare certificates
  4. CRB Checks
  5. Recent Photo

Majestic Nannies
NR Choitram Shop
No.6 Khalidya, Abu Dhabi

Phone: 00-97150-2211511 / 00-9712-6655056
Fax: 00-9712-6660822

Visa Requirements for New Zealand

A Visa is for a foreign individual who want to enter a specific country for the purpose of Leisure, Business, or Employment. In New Zealand, they are now welcoming migrant workers who can contribute to the country’s economy because at present, they are experiencing skills shortage so they welcome anybody who can bring valuable skills or qualifications by working in New Zealand. Among the sectors where New Zealand is experiencing skills shortage is in:
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Health
  • Trades
Working in New Zealand is one way of achieving residency status in the said country. And if you want to migrate or work in New Zealand, there are a number of visa options that are available. Among the visa options available to foreign individuals are:

Skilled Migrant - Working in New Zealand under this category is one way to achieve residency in this country. The skilled migrant category is designed to assure that individuals migrating and working under this category have the necessary skills the country needs. This category works on a points based system which is based on the foreign workers qualifications, work experience, or job offer from an employer based in New Zealand.

Work to Residence - Foreign individuals who are planning to work in New Zealand under this category should have exceptional talent in sports or the arts or should be qualified in occupations that are in demand in New Zealand. Working under this category allows a foreign individual to get a temporary work visa or permit which is a step in gaining permanent residence.

Residence from Work - This category is for individuals who are already working in New Zealand and want to apply for residence.

Employee of a Relocating Company - If you are a key employee working in New Zealand under a business that is relocating its operations to New Zealand, then you can apply for a work permit and later a residence permit under the Employee of a Relocating Company category.

Working in New Zealand has some eligibility requirements and if you are planning to work in New Zealand under a temporary work visa or permit, the following eligibility requirements must be met:
  1. A job offer from a New Zealand employer.
  2. There is a specific purpose or event for which you need to come to New Zealand to work.
  3. You are a student or trainee who wants to work in New Zealand
  4. You want to join your partner and work in New Zealand.
Certain kinds of work do not require a work visa or permit. If your reason for working in New Zealand involves visits for business negotiations, short-term sales trips, work for official trade missions recognized by the New Zealand government, or work for overseas governments, you may be able to do it while on a visitor visa or permit. You do not need to comply with the work visa or permit requirements if you are a New Zealand citizen or you hold a New Zealand residence permit, or an Australian citizen, or the holder of a current Australian permanent residence visa including a current Australian resident return visa.

There are also a number of permits or visa requirements that needs to met before you can enter and start working in New Zealand. To enter New Zealand, you must be:
  1. In good health and of good character.
  2. You must have a passport that is valid for at least three months past the date you are to leave New Zealand. You must also be genuine in your desire for working in New Zealand.
  3. Have the right visa for your visit.
If you are granted a temporary work permit, you need to meet certain conditions during your stay. The work you do must be in line with the conditions for working in New Zealand and should be specified in your permit and you must abide to all New Zealand’s laws. You must only stay in New Zealand for the time specified in your permit.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Requirements for Israel Caregiver Jobs

The Israeli government now imposes a new system of employment for all foreign workers who want to work in Israel caregiver jobs. Under this new system, every Israel caregiver jobs applicant and his employer must register with a Licensed Recruitment Agency duly authorized by the Israeli Government. To register, the caregiver jobs applicant and his employer must personally visit one of the licensed recruitment agencies in Israel and fill out a registration application. After filling out the registration application, they should return the filled up application form back to the agency for proper filing.

After filing, the authorized recruitment agency must give each the caregiver jobs applicant and his employer a Certificate of Placement which states that they have registered with the agency. The Certificate of Placement must show clearly the following details:
  1. The name and address including the contact number of the agency.
  2. The name and passport number of the caregiver Israel applicant.
  3. The address and ID Number of the employer.
  4. The date of registration.
It is also important that the caregiver jobs applicant save the Certificate of Placement received from the Agency because it will provide evidence that the caregiver jobs applicant have been legally registered according to the new system of employment in Israel. With regards to the extension of working visa of the caregiver jobs applicant, it can only be extended after the caregiver jobs applicant and his employer have registered with an authorized recruitment agency.

Before a caregiver jobs applicant can start employment, the recruitment agency wherein the caregiver jobs applicant and the employer have registered, must notify the Migration Authority under the Ministry of the Interior, about the details of the registration. This process is to ensure that the details in their registration is verified. If there is no problem, the Migration Authority will notify the agency within 7 days if the caregiver jobs applicant is authorized to work in Israel for the employer. If the Employment is turned down by the Authority, the Agency will explain to the Caregiver jobs applicant the reason for the rejection, furnish the Caregiver with a copy of the rejection notice, and inform him of the need to stop the employment and/or leave the country.

If the caregiver jobs applicant decides to change employers, he or she must inform the Agency where he registered, which in turn will notify the Migration Authority of the change and issue a new Certificate of Placement. If the Caregiver is laid off or becomes unemployed he must notify the Agency, which must assist him in looking for a new employment.

For a list of the licensed recruitment agencies in Israel, you may log on to their website at

New Zealand Nanny Jobs

Nanny Jobs are classified into two kinds and the first kind is the sole charge nanny jobs. Sole charge nanny jobs are for candidates who are qualified to provide childcare without any help from someone. And to qualify for sole charge nanny jobs, you should have long term experience working as a nanny. And your nanny jobs experience should be at least 3 years if you are not working full time or 2 years if you are working in full time nanny jobs.

The second kind of nanny jobs is the shared charge nanny jobs. This kind of nanny jobs requires a lower level of experience because there is someone in the employer’s home is present to help you with your duties. The perfect candidate for shared charge nanny jobs includes individuals with childcare center, nursery, or teacher aide experience. Usually, when you have worked in shared charge nanny jobs for one year, you can qualify for sole charge nanny jobs.

In New Zealand, a nanny jobs agency that’s been operating since 2002, is seeking qualified, active, and enthusiastic nanny jobs applicants for their various nanny jobs vacancies. The said nanny jobs agency has offices in Auckland, London, and Surrey that offers permanent and temporary, daily or live in, nanny jobs opportunities. At present, the said nanny jobs agency have a number of nanny jobs opportunities for those who want to work in New Zealand but nanny jobs applicants have to commit to work for at least one year and must be eligible for the appropriate visa.

Applicants who are interested to apply for the said nanny jobs in New Zealand should visit the said nanny jobs agency’s website to register as a nanny jobs applicant. Nanny jobs applicants should also Email their CV together with a cover note or outline of their situation to

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Live In Caregiver Program

Live in caregiver Jobs are for persons who are qualified to provide caregiver jobs services to children, elderly, and people with disabilities, in the comfort of the patients home. And because of the recent shortage of locally available live in caregiver work providers, the Canadian government formulated the live in caregiver program to lessen the impact on its citizens by the constant decrease in number of locally available caregiver jobs providers.

The Live in caregiver program are for foreign individuals who are eligible to provide caregiver work to Canadian families who needed their services. And to qualify for the live in caregiver program there are certain rules that must be followed governing the foreign live in caregiver jobs applicant and the caregiver employers. On the part of the caregiver employers, their chosen live in caregiver must:
  1. Have a private, furnished room within the caregiver employers home
  2. Work for the caregiver employer in a private home
  3. Be employed on a full-time basis
  4. Live with the employer
Under the live in caregiver program, once a foreign live in caregiver is in Canada, the foreign caregiver cannot work for more than one employer at a time. The foreign caregiver also cannot work for a health agency or labor contractor, or in a day care or foster care. A foreign caregiver, under the live in caregiver work program, must also possess the following in order to qualify for the live in caregiver work program:
  • At least six months of caregiver jobs training, or at least one year of full-time experience (including six months with one employer) during the past three years
  • Successful completion of the equivalent of Canadian secondary school.
  • A job confirmation letter from a Canadian employer.
  • A written contract with your future employer.
  • A work permit before you enter Canada
  • Good knowledge of English or French
With regards to the continued the stay in Canada of a foreign live-in caregiver after finishing their contract, they must apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for an extension of their work permits. They can also apply for a permanent resident visa if they have worked in Canada for 24 months within a 36 month period.

For more detailed info regarding Canada’s Live-in Caregiver Program, you can visit their website at

Friday, October 2, 2009

Caregiver and Nanny Jobs in Canada

This agency for caregiver and nanny jobs is a family owned and family oriented establishment that started its operation in 1997 in British Columbia and in 2007 in Ontario. The said caregiver and nanny jobs agency provides referral services to Canadian families that need the services of a nanny jobs or a caregiver jobs worker. To compensate for the huge demand for nanny jobs and caregiver jobs applicants, the agency is seeking qualified candidates to provide personal care that will suit their clients’ needs. The company also facilitates placements of live-in or live-out nanny and caregiver jobs applicants, housekeeper, companions, nurse’s aides and resident care aides.

Besides the placement of foreign live-in nanny or caregiver jobs applicants, part of the nanny and caregiver jobs agency’s services includes:
  1. Employer Registration with the Ministry of Labor Employment Standards Branch’s Domestic Worker Registration;
  2. Submission of Service Canada's Foreign Live-in Caregiver Application;
  3. Obtaining Business Number from Canada Revenue Agency;
  4. Taxation and Deduction general information;
If you are presently outside Canada but are interested in applying for a nanny and caregiver jobs in Canada under the Live-in Caregiver Program, kindly complete their Online Overseas Application Form which can be found at their website Upon completion of their online overseas nanny and care jobs application form, kindly submit all required documents specified below through email, through attachment, or by mail.

  1. Dear Family Letter (A letter that introduces yourself to potential employers in Canada. This would be the best way to showcase to prospective employers the reason they would employ you. In addition, this would the best tool to showcase your English language skills.)
  2. 3 Photos that include the following: (1 full body, 1 photo with the person you are caring for and 1 passport size
  3. Employment Letter of current or previous employers, if applicable
  4. Letters of Reference, if applicable
  5. Transcript of School Records
  6. Certificates, if applicable
  7. Diploma, if applicable
  8. Passport

A - Class Nannies & Caregivers Inc.

208-3900 Hastings Street
Burnaby, British Columbia

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Housekeeping Job for Filipinos

A Housekeeping Job can be categorized into two kinds and is handled by employees in both domestic and commercial service. In the domestic service, as the word implies, is done in a domestic or household setting. This kind of housekeeping job usually involves basic maintenance as well as duties such as child care, laundry, ironing, cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking.

On the other hand, a housekeeping job in terms of commercial service, involves employment in a hospitality organization such as a hotel. The primary tasks of a housekeeping job employee in a hotel is cleaning guest rooms, making beds, and scrubbing bathrooms and ensure that each room is tidy and sanitary.

At present, there are more than a hundred housekeeping job approved for recruitment by the POEA for the month of August and September alone. And to view these housekeeping jobs that were approved for recruitment by the POEA, just click HERE and type in the word housekeeping or housekeeper and press enter. Or, you may visit Nanny Jobs Online at to view some of the housekeeping job vacancies that has a job order balance of 10 available housekeeping jobs or more.