Saturday, May 1, 2010

US Caregiver Jobs for Filipinos

This US Caregiver Jobs for Filipinos is an excellent opportunity for those who will qualify for this POEA approved US Caregiver Jobs. The said US Caregiver Jobs for Filipinos has a job order that was approved by the POEA last April 20 for a POEA accredited recruitment agency based in Sampaloc, Manila. For the said US Caregiver Jobs for Filipinos, a corresponding job order balance of 50 caregiver jobs applicants will be given the opportunity to work in caregiver jobs abroad.

If you have the training and credentials to qualify for the said US Caregiver Jobs for Filipinos, proceed directly to the office of the recruiting agency and submit your application. For inquiries and further info about the said US Caregiver Jobs for Filipinos, you can contact the recruiting agency’s landline numbers or email address indicated below.

Oriental Placement Center Inc.
2nd Floor Sanvill Building
2058 Laon-Laan, Sampaloc
Tel Nos: 7417079 / 7417711
Email Address:

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  1. I am trying to help a Filipino friend, who lives in the Philippines and has a care giver certificate and also a bachelor's degree from a college in the Philippines, find a care giver job in the U.S. She is a very good lady and I have known her for 15 years. I am an American citizen married to a Filipino lady who is now an American Citizen. She also has a neice that works in Singapore and is a licensed Care giver who we would like to find work for. Please let me know how I can go about helping these two good ladies who are both very capable find work here in the U.S.
    Mike Walker