Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Caregiver Work Abroad Italy

This POEA accredited recruitment agency based in Ermita, Manila is in search of caregiver applicants who can qualify for its Caregiver Work Abroad Italy. The said caregiver work abroad Italy has a POEA approved job order with a corresponding job order balance of 50 applicants for caregiver work abroad Italy. To qualify for the above mentioned caregiver work abroad Italy, applicants must be between the ages of 25-40 years of age with a diploma in caregiver course. Of the 50 applicants for caregiver work abroad Italy, 40 slots are for female caregivers and 10 slots are for male caregivers.

In applying for the said caregiver work abroad Italy, applicants should proceed directly to the office of the recruiting agency and submit their application or you can visit their website and fill up their online application. For a more detailed info on the said caregiver work abroad Italy, you can visit their website or contact their landline numbers which will be provided upon request. Just leave your request and valid Email Address at the comment section at the end of this article.


  1. I am willing to apply for this job.Can you please send me your email address.Here's my email address-pallerasugar@yahoo.com..Thank you.

  2. Sir/Madam:


    May I humbly apply for the position of CAREGIVER and/or CARE ASSISTANT in your prestigious company. May extensive training in National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) here in United Kingdom has prepared me for this chance of serving a new your company in a different capacity.

    I hope you will grant me the privilege of working with you and I look forward to your favorable consideration of this application.

    Many thanks.

    Very truly yours,

    Email Add: ajtrillana@yahoo.com

  3. hi i would like to apply as caregiver in italy kindly send to my e mail the recruitmennt agency and their landline numbers thanks a lot god bless us all
    here is my email add lyn_gaviola2001@yahoo.com